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ELIZABETH OLESEN (Midlife Fit Eliza)
I am a 50+ year old mother/wife who is an aging fitness fanatic. As my body has aged, it has been harder to keep in shape (get back in shape).
My passion is working with clients to help them be fit, to eat better, and to feel good about how they look. I previously worked in a local Curves and for the Personal Training Institute (PTI). This is how my passion for fitness was developed.
Since joining Team Beach body I have lost 65 lbs. and over 20 inches all over. I have done many of the programs (my absolute favorite is CHALEAN Extreme) and I enjoy all of them. My son (below) told me that INSANITY was “too hard” for me. I have now done the program 1 1/2 times, losing 19 lbs during the first 60 days.
I drink Shakeology on a daily basis and have lowered my cholesterol, raised my energy levels, and “regulated” my body, where previously I was often in “gastric distress.” This is an amazing feeling from someone who spent time looking for nearby bathrooms and/or running for them. I am off my medications for heartburn and indigestion, and am no longer considered at risk for diabetes.
I have been certified through Team Beach body to teach Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo and Insanity. In addition, I am also studying to be certified as a Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist and a Nutrition Specialist.
I have gone way outside my comfort zone over the past year. You can learn about this through my various blog posts.
Being an older woman, I realize how hard it can be to stay in shape. I am here to help others through my own motivation and encouragement. I have lots to share and look forward to being available to working with YOU.
Follow my journey as I help you through yours.
I’m a 21+ year old college student at the University of Southern Maine studying Biochemistry. I’ve played Soccer, Lacrosse, and basketball, and continue to play soccer weekly. I have completed INSANITY: The Asylum, INSANITY: The Asylum 2, P90X and P90X2.
A bit over two years ago I weighed 240 pounds. Sports practice alone just wasn’t doing it for me due to a poor diet, and long off seasons. I finally decided that I needed to make a change and started to lift weights, run, and track my eating habits. In a few months I had made significant gains to my overall health, weight, and appearance. I reached an all time low of 170 pounds, losing almost 70 pounds. Throughout this time I had been weight training, but I began to plateau. That’s when my mom, Elizabeth, became a Beach body Coach. She got me excited to try a new fitness routine, and I picked The Asylum.
Having come a long way from where I once was in terms of health, diet, and fitness, I know the challenges involved. Let me motivate you through my own successes, and let me explain and teach what I have learned through my journey. For improvement of you diet look at Health Food Store Australia.
The most important tip I can give, however, is simple. There is no magic cure, it doesn’t happen overnight and, unless you commit, you will not see the changes you want. Losing weight and staying healthy can be a challenging endeavor, but you will never have to go down that path alone.

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