Don’t Let Others Get Ahead of You in SERPs

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We are affected by ranking. Even if we were in school, we want to get the highest rank to make our parents happy and proud of us. In business, ranking also plays a big part. When you are in rank 1, everybody would not question your credibility. You will make an impact to everyone especially for clients who are still uncertain of which company they would cling to. Competition is just a normal thing when we talk about businesses. There is what we call as a healthy competition wherein all of the businesses with the same products and services would compete with each other in client’s service and on the quality of their products.


Google, Yahoo and Bing are the known search engines we are continuously using. Through this, we are able to find what we are looking for. Choosing the right keywords is very important for your website to be listed on top page of the search engines. People are no longer searching for the preceding page after they have seen what they want on the first and even second page. If your website doesn’t use the search engine optimization as a method of website optimization, there is a tendency that you will be giving away majority of your potential client to your competitor. in page ranking, you should aim to be on top. You may use several methods in getting an excellent rank in search engines. These methods are your investment to get the best rank among all your competitors. To perform even better in serps, you can either learn SEO yourself which can be bit time consuming or else talk to some digital marketing experts to get the job done professionally. Popular name in Australian SEO industry is Digital Inspectors who are leading SEO auditing company and do provide SEM consultancy as well to their clients as well.

In using the page rank checker, you will be able to check the number of links leading on your page. The higher the page rank is, the more visible it is on top of the Google’s search results. Google continuously counting the link votes and checking each to which are the most important pages based on the result gather by the Google system. Google has its own technology and way on how to determine page rank. This helps the search engines to be able to find the web which you want to get an access with. When you are opening Google, you can see that there is a page rank meter which is stapled upon you install Google toolbar. Page rank is known to be called PR in the SEO world. There are so many ways on how to increase your Google PageRank.

If you are quite conscious on the standing of your site in Google, you may check on your pare ranking by trying to access the tool. It only presents a score as a representation of page importance. It represents an opinion based on what the Google technology detected. High PR page could help you in obtaining a link to get a good rank in Google search results. Anchor text as what you have seen on the link and it has something to do with the links you will be using to become visible in every search engine.