Experts’ Guide to Mix and Match Shirt and Tie Patterns

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Knowing how to mix and match shirt and tie patterns is easy as long as you follow these simple guidelines:

Duplicate colors in both patterns
In following this guideline on how to mix and match shirt and tie patterns, pick out a shirt first and carefully take note of the overriding colors. Choose a tie with accent colors the same as the overriding colors from the shirt. If your shirt is dark brown with a more delicate and lighter nutmeg stripes, choose a tie with a pattern that will echo the color of the shirt.

Wear checkered shirts and ties with different dimensions
Expertly mixing and matching checkered shirt and ties is a great way to attract attention. The guideline on how to mix and match shirt and tie check patterns is to choose shirts in smaller or more delicate color and check patterns and pair it with a tie with bolder colors and bigger checks.

Vary weights of stripes
Avoid stripes of the same size for your shirt and tie; this will give a very busy and complicated look. To give a neater and cleaner look that’s easy to the eyes, choose one piece with a heavier stripe and another with a more slender stripe.

Harmonize larger patterns with smaller ones
To achieve an elegant look, combine bigger patterns with smaller ones. This is another guideline on how to mix and match short and tie patterns. If your shirt has big patterns, choose a tie with smaller patterns and vice versa. In following this guideline, you need not keep to the same color palette if you are wearing a neutral colored shirt such as white, gray or black. Once you’ve learned these simple guidelines on how to mix and match shirt and tie patterns you can now rock this trendy style with confidence. If you are into experiments, you can try matching a tie with a t-shirt you have too or i you feel to you can create your own t-shirt for this purpose too.

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